The Bet has ratings and 76 reviews. Vivienne said: I finished this in about what, about an hour? It’s a short read and I read quite quickly but you. Hi guys! Check the “All About The Bet” story group. I posted the details on how you can win a signed copy of The Bet. Next chapter of IIM, MIB, CWF: at. Hola! The Bet has been published in Indonesia! ❤ It feels so good to finally share the great news with you A surprising early birthday treat.

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It’s simple, lighthearted, and just There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The same thing happened with Drake’s story of his parents, where his father cheated on his mother. He wanted to call it off.

Here’s my review – http: To read more of my reviews, book news and updates: When he chooses a girl he doesn’t chooses wisely he chose a girl that looks a the details in things and notices thing others don’t so when he chose Ilurvvooks, she knew he was up to something. Then the girl was immature. Drake yang sudah bersikeras akan menuntaskan hukuman taruhan pada awalnya, kini menjadi dilema karena ia nantinya akan melukai gadis yang juga jadi cinta pertamanya.


Mar 04, Zoella rated it did not like it.

100 Treats You Must Read

If the author tried anyway which I don’t even know man. Where are the good young Filipino writers? I would recommend this for people who like dramatic books. This was my first ever pop fiction book. I ilurvboooks you’ll like it! Oct 22, Josephine L. Also any music fans will appreciate the playlist the author added at the end of the book as you’ll definitely find some awesome gems My fav is passenger seat by Stephen speaks.

To view it, click here. This is such a cute read!

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I strongly recommend these types of books. Drake si cowok terkenal di sekolah dengan sejuta penggemar berusaha menaklukkan gadis introvert di sekolah yang ternyata selama ini menyembunyikan luka di hatinya.

Quotes from The Bet.

What i dont get is how Drake twin sister Is Pia’s best friend yet they have never meet prior to the bet. It will spark your interest if you’re net romance books. Drake is cocky and real confident about himself. I got a copy of this book, thinking it’s a great story to read. Menurutku hal ini wajar karena ada banyak cerita dan konflik yang ingin dimasukkan penulis dalam ceritanya.

The Bet by Kimberly Joy Villanueva

Ulurvbooks required Address never made public. Many side characters acted the way they did out of plot convenience rather than that’s what their character would have done in that situation i. I’m getting closer to a hundred poems! For example how did he fall for her? May 05, Carolina Tedjapranata rated it it was amazing.


Ghe it was only quite short, I read it rather quickly, and I did enjoy it, so if you’re looking for entertainment from something quick and sweet, rather than something extremely dense and high-quality, I’d recommend this story. Well, technically, I ditched the whole story. Andre menyebutnya sebagai tantangan, Tolong jangan dilihat berapa kali buku ini telah dibaca selama masih dalam bentuk wattpad, karena jika kamu yang skeptis pada buku adaptasi wattpad akan menyia-nyiakan sebuah buku young adult yang sangat bagus.

I’m so happy I can finally share this awesome news with you!! They both have a tough time home.

I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this story. There were a handful of typos and several changes from the original including one major story change which i didn’t like. Mar 05, Lelaina rated it liked it. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.