This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Such A Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry. Such a Long Journey () by Canadian-Indian. Mistry does something that only the really natural writers can do: without apparent effort, manipulation or contrivance, he creates characters you like instantly and. Editorial Reviews. Review. Mistry does something that only the really natural Such a Long Journey – Kindle edition by Rohinton Mistry. Download.

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Such A Long Journey Summary

Such a Long Journey. But just as with A Fine Balance, I wish he did not make the disgusting so aptly disgusting–I could actually smell the dirt and the squalor by just reading the passages describing that!

Any book that can make me cry is a good book. Mar 20, Judy rated it really liked it. Mumbai rohunton, India.

It was shortlisted for the Booker Log and won several other awards. Once in a while, you come across a book which will stay with you for a long long time after you are finished reading it. Nov 17, Lorina Stephens rated it it was amazing. Fiction can function in a similar way; but as stated above, too many different threads can be cumbersome, particularly if they don’t come together or if they don’t become resolved by the end. But I quickly realized that there were so many different characters that they all began to I liked and disliked this book for all the same reasons: Retrieved October 21, As his role in the politics of his time becomes better known, Gustad starts to find death threats at work and various mistdy animals lying at the foot of his door.


Oct 27, Preetha rated it really liked it.

Such a Long Journey (novel) – Wikipedia

This could be the story of any adult. It’s almost strange the way Mistry embeds Gustad’s childhood into his adult life. His second n Rohinton Mistry is considered to be one of the foremost authors of Indian heritage writing in English.

I noticed, in connection with the banning of Naipaul’s An Area of Darkness in Indiathat the University of Mumbai banned this book with alacrity upon the threat of violence from a rightwing political group looking for attention.

In a telling gesture, the city has ordered this wall to be demolished. It’s most probably my fault and not the book’s that I didn’t enjoy it to the fullest for what it was.

The hardheaded father and son clash and turn their backs on each other. Gustad’s middle child, a son named Darius, causes only minor problems. It is Bombay inthe year India went to war over what was to become Bangladesh.

Recommended to Fran by: Still, I managed to find some quotes that I fully appreciated: A hard-working bank clerk, Gustad Noble is a devoted family man who gradually sees his modest life unravelling. Sohrab, an artist at heart, rejects the plan.

Did not understand the linkage of the coverpage to the story. As much as I love Rushdie, it’s nice to read a novel written the old-fashioned way. Please try again later. At first this was pure awesome because Mistry would drop these little hints that made me realize there was an incredible back story; but then as this continued it became repitious and frustrating.

Such a Long Journey

I’m sure there’s more, but frankly I’m bored with all that. It shook my conscience to its bone and obliterated any sense of national pride I might’ve had.


The agreeable neighborhood and the solidity of the long, black wall were reawakening in him the usual sources of human sorrow: He is the one reasonable voice amidst the ongoing dramas of his neighbours.

Bilimoria admits he actually stole a good deal of the money he handed to Gustad. He meets with Bilimoria who is bed-ridden and in prison, overheated by an illness, and speaks with menacing, if occasionally confused talk. View all 4 comments. Noble is a hard working bank clerk and devoted family man.

I enjoyed the characters in this novel and the personalities that they contributed to the story, but the story lacks a motive without doubt. It is understandable as it’s narrated in the perspective of a man deeply entrenched in those beliefs and it can be argued that it’s not the author’s viewpoint. A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebookpp. Sleep was no longer a happy thing for him then, but a time when all anxieties intensified, and anger grew-a strange, unfocussed anger-and helplessness; and he would wake up exhausted to curse the day that was dawning.

A contained, perfectly good novel that isn’t overwhelming except in the depiction of the patriarchial typical Indian mindset. Such a Long Journey 3. Dinshawji’s hospitalization, death, and funeral force Gustad to contemplate anew the mysteries of life.

Three and a half stars, rounded up. Jimmy Bilimoria reveals the sordid political story behind the money laundering, during a heartbreaking visit Gustad makes to his friend’s prison hospital bedside.