30 Nov Pivot Trader by Steve Copan is a trading method that shows you how to spot when the markets are changing direction and how far they will. 5 May Hello, does anyone have this ebook please. PIVOT TRADING – Steve Copan [ Agora Lifestyles Ltd Check the review: Pivot Trader Review. 5 May Hi, does anyone have this system by Steve Copan please: PIVOT TRADER ( PIVOT TRADING) Agora Lifestyles Ltd Check the review at Pivot.

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March 23, at For those of you who really can’t wait until Christmas for this,once only,limited edition,never to be repeated offer, Steve is planning to release his next Holy Grail system not because rtading needs the money The Babylon Enigma.

Req PIVOT TRADING by Steve Copan

We decided to adopt the same approach and based on the sales copy alone we can confirm we will not be conducting a review of this system. Finally, as I mention, Steve is an unusual chap.

Well for the want of a better word I think he is a trading genius. I personally think that “systems” are inharently flawed as. Welcome to the new Traders Laboratory! Bearish On the 1-hour chart, LTC price is in a bearish trend.

If I gave you a good strategy, would.

Jul 10, 9: But Max at Forex Roundup has given me permission to show you his article on pivots here. March 26, at If you have been trading for years dump this because it doesn’t give you any edge or give you anyway to really understand how markets work. First of all Pivot trading is what I have called this book for reasons to do with the method explained inside it and nothing to do with what traders normally consider pivot trading to be.


WHY don’t you click on it and you will see which ebook I am after? Just a quick update- been really busy with family stuff, but started to read through it this weekend.

Steve Copan – Forex Author Profile

Now I like to trade thin contracts. And he IS successful.

It means that even if you apply these rules to a handful of markets each day, you should be able to make significant profit on a regular basis. I am Nick, founder of forex4noobs, and I am here to help you learn to trade. Stay out until you have sufficient capital to go into the market and be able to have a chance to make money.

Steve is working hard to make the instruction vopan as simple as possible -so that “even a child could follow”. Posted November 17, April 9, at 3: This is plain stupid. Please gamble responsibly, for information and advice visit the gambleaware website at: March 15, at 5: August 19, at 1: March 2, at First half had lots of wins and very few losses, then it reversed in the second half. If anyone wants to email me I will make sure you are sent the details.

I can not see there being any simpler or easier trading method available today that copa pure mechanical and pivto no reliance on indicators or other systems of any kind.

This is true even of the webinars that fall in two parts. However, this will be via Agora customer services, the publisher, and not the system author.

Steve Copan – Pivot Trader Book () – Best Forex Discount

Services We Use None at present. I LOve that response that about sums up the way I felt about it. Now the book sits on the shelf gathering dust. Selections Part Two Bookie Watch: December 14, at 5: You must log in or register to reply here.


Already a member but haven’t registered yet? He is just a regular, if eccentric, chap who knows how to make money from the financial markets. I would and will challenge any and all claims made on the actual profitability of this “system” and any like it.

You do not need any indicators of any kind as it is all done with your eyes and a calculator. I could tell in about 5 minutes that this guy isn’t a trader and ttrading likely doesn’t even trade. So a stand alone automated system would be nice.

And also receive an email every time we post a new review. Whereas in Africa kicking suckers out of your house is called “tribalism”. Thread starter spankworthy Start date May 5, Then come back almost immediately before finally understanding fully and intimately the phrase “go fkcu yourself” Then sometime later crawl back to give your expert opinion on the best way to run false accounts and statements while failing to see how transparent and ludicrous you look.

March 22, at 1: I will send an email to Frank Hemsley and make this suggestion to him.

Pivot Trading / Pivot Trader by Steve Copan | World Wide Invest – Forex Forum

The last month has been better, despite having fewer trades co;an partly because of the filters and partly because of the price action. I have limited myself to stops of 80 pips, and all the trades which actually triggered were within that. There are some setups with bigger stops, but so far none of these would have triggered.