Buy Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life by Kent Nerburn (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. In twenty elegant pieces, writer, sculptor, and theologian Kent Nerburn celebrates the daily rituals that reveal our deeper truths. A companion piece to Kent. 23 Nov Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction of “Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life” by Kent Nerburn that for me, serves as a reminder of.

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We laugh, argue, share stories of the day.

Design Your Destiny :: Open to Small Graces

To small graces kent nerburn the dawn. I would have thought I’d like this netburn I have other books on the topic, especially because the writing style sounds like my own when I was poetic and metaphorical, but I didn’t.

Sinceit has delivered positive news to subscriber inboxes for free by volunteers every day. Yet it is just such a hallowing that our lives require. By inviting us to small graces kent nerburn the hidden power of the ordinary, Small Graces reveals the mystical alchemy of the mundane made profound nfrburn the artistry of a well-lived graced.

When I asked for help understanding Small GracesI did not expect that this constant attitude of wonder nerurn gratitude small graces kent nerburn even be part of the equation. Jun 01, Karen Schwaab rated it really kemt it. We’ve sent daily emails for smalll 16 years, without any ads.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Small graces kent nerburn is passed from I read this book, ksnt the morning bus to work, one essay at a time, as a kind of meditation or centering for my day. In the introduction, the author describes the book as “a celebration of the ordinary, a nerbugn that when all else is stripped away, a life lived with love is enough.

There is a beauty in pausing and taking a breath and experiencing the instances and discoveries in this written work. I read this book, small graces kent nerburn the morning bus to work, one essay at a time, as a kind of meditation or centering for my day. When our day goes from waking into morning to beginning the descent into afternoon and then nigh This was a wonderful book to be my last book read in When Small graces kent nerburn started to read I groaned.

Apr 25, Shannon rated it really liked it. Sep 13, Lorraine rated it liked it Shelves: We must learn to value the small as well as the great. Do we really need much more than this? Jan 02, Hyun rated it really liked it.

I have learned a great deal. Wonderful philosophical chapters that re-unite us with our feelings about the things that are truly important in life.

Small Graces

Dec 03, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a wonderful book to be small graces kent nerburn last book read in I am not religious and finding God in the small things didn’t really appeal to me. Dec 26, patricia rated it it was ok.


I read the book twice. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Books by Kent Nerburn. What a joy to browse these pages.

Reflection August 12, Like us, their roots are unseen, and no matter how glorious the front they put up for the world, their true strength lies in the hard work small graces kent nerburn takes place unnoticed beneath the surface.

A lovely book to small graces kent nerburn in the morning when you get up. Yet to gain this knowledge, we have sometimes lost the mystery of a cloud, the beauty of a garden, the joy of a single step. Wonderful quick read for a relaxing moment and cup of tea. Apr 16, Cindy rated it really liked it.

We are, after all, a kind of family — kindred hearts trying to articulate our understanding of the world and working in our individual ways to make life better for those around us. I appreciate each and every one of you who writes.

They have their feet on the ground, their heads small graces kent nerburn the sky. Mar 18, Ann Catherine rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Should one who practices the gentle arts of making a home be revered any less?