Siddha Mangala Stotram. 1. Srimadananta Sree Vibhushita Appala Lakshmi Narasimharaajan! Jaya Vijayeebhava, Digvijayeebhava, Sreemadakhanada Sree. To thank him, I started chanting Sri Divya Siddha Mangala Stotram for times . I did not ask for any wish this time. I just used to chant as and when I have free. 27 May This app about Sripada Srivallabha Siddha mangala stotram, Sripada is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. “If one reads this most sacred.

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However, if you decide to do it for a specific number of days like 40 days, then I’d recommend a vegetarian diet until the vow is sidfha. Even I also mangals doing pooja and feel very good while doing. I have been doing Datta Stavan 9 times a day. Namaskaram Meenaji, I have not heard of that slokam.

Indian July 17, So no need for any one to worry regarding the study procedure.

Joyful Slokas August 09, 9: I hope and pray that your problems be solved soon. Newer Post Older Post Home. Please go through it. People around my husband have corrupted his mind so badly that he doesn’t even talk or msg to me However i have not lost hope. There is a power that oversees every thing in this world. Rajya April 09, 8: Therefore, chanting this sloka on Thursdays too could be considered auspicious.

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I am Searching for the job but unable to get as per my exprecience Kindly also let me know mantra for getting job. This is Sripada s most favourite sthothram. Can you please let me know how many we need to recite this sloka.

Siddha mangala stotra and your experiences

Nov 3, 3. Rajya January 08, 2: Anonymous December 14, She is unable to walk from past 3 weeks. Namaskaram, Thanks so much for asking. Priya Madhu February 28, Thank you for the posting! Vanakkam Nandini ji One of my friend told me to listen to Mangalya Sthavam slogam for my daughter to get married soon. Do the above said pooja for 40 days.

Sreepada Sreevallabha Maha Samasthan

But you can scroll down to read some of the visitor comments that describe how they do this parayanam. Rajya February 27, 4: Joyful Slokas November 06, 9: I personally had seen many miracles happening with recitation of SiddhaMangala.

Anyone can recite this for 40days irrespective of their physical conditions. You will certainly be blessed. Namaskaram Sudipta and Pari, I assume you have posted the same Siddhamangala Stotram in some other language.

Siddha mangala stotra and your experiences | Indusladies

Namaskaram, Thankyou so skddha for your immediate reply. Do chant this mantra with full belief and get the blessings of sri padavallabha swami. It’s a great service wid good intentions that you wrote this sthothra in this forum and having a positive interaction wid people.


Magnala shall offer a prayer for your peaceful married life. Joyful Slokas August 22, I’ve experience to share which will let u guys know the power of this sthothra It is by God’s grace that you are still holding on with hope. May your faith in the Almighty bless you with the best in life. Me and my sister were discussing about financial conditions next wednesday. She is 7 yrs old and our only daughter. Please also visit www. Anonymous September 19, 9: Joyful Slokas December 14, 6: Yes, I believe anything we do for the sake of Sidxha will never go waste.

Ofcourse,they take the test of your Bhakthi. Rajya October 22, Namaskaram Managla ji, Sorry to know that you have lost your job. Ganesh N January 21, Thank you so much for this version. After completing 40 days do Annadanam for poor.