6 Nov Runequest is set in the world of Glorantha, which was created by Greg Stafford originally and used as the setting for the White Bear Red Moon. 9 Oct This is the second edition of the RuneQuest rules in its final form, with all .. of the original RuneQuest 2nd Edition and I commend them for it. 2nd edition 3rd edition Mongoose RuneQuest Mongoose RuneQuest II 6th edition. Genre(s), Fantasy. System(s), Basic Role-Playing. RuneQuest is a fantasy role-playing game first published in by Chaosium, created by.

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Roleplaying in Glorantha Quickstart”. It also has the built-in fantasy world of Glorantha. Chaosium edition Dragon Pass: More Information Edit History. You will get all the Kickstarter updates and can purchase funequest This is the first of our Gateway products, which are designed to aid the referee who desires to run a RuneQuest campaign without the restrictions of the limited flora and fauna of Glorantha.

The Castle that Fell from the Sky. Similar to Cults of Prax. In the main hall gamers could pick up the latest games from all the major publishers: Referees can start either adventure after little more than reading it and sketching the rknequest area!

Then again, your biggest headache may be Brunhild herself, for though she has heard that Snorkil is filthy rich, her girlfriends warn that he is also old, decrepit and foolish. Perrin experienced mock medieval combat through the Society for Creative Anachronism. It is planned to be based on the 2nd edition, drawing upon ideas from later editions.

Previous Griselda stories appeared in White.

A gem of a game. Red leatherette hardcover version with dust-jacket. A must for fantasy lovers!

Runequesg Skills – racial or national specialties are noted, such as the Peaceful Cut for barbarians, Identify 2d for elves, Tracking for hunters, plus Climbing, Jumping, Scent, First Aid, and others as appropriate. We will describe it in more detail in the comments section and the FAQ.


Just read the profiles and roll the dice! This book will save referees hours of preparation over the length of a campaign. Rule One Issue 8 – Spring Lengthy background notes, five pages of maps and plans, complete NPC statistics and motivational profiles, tactical and contingency explanations, and even a page of sample player characters.

Its only drawback is that it does not cover enough ground for a full-scale role-playing campaign, and is, perhaps, a bit simpler than experienced frp’ers would desire. It was later reprinted with new cover graphics, a colorized map from the interior. Ingame designer Greg Stafford released the fantasy board game White Bear and Red Moon later renamed Dragon Passproduced and marketed by Chaosiuma game publishing company set up by Stafford specifically for the release of the game.

RuneQuest (2nd Edition) | RPG Item | RPGGeek

The forces maneuver for knock-out blows in Dragon Pass, key to a continent, and strive for aid from the embers of older races and empires. Once upon a dream, your god appears to you. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Although all characters have access to magic, for practical gameplay purposes a character’s magical strength is proportional to his or her connection to the divine or natural skill at sorcery.

This page briefly describes each 2dn item, and how they work together. What Ho, Frog Demons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. runesuest

You are offered the opportunity to serve your god by defeating four foes in mortal cornbat. RuneQuest 6th editionreleased in Julyis largely an expansion of the Mongoose RuneQuest II rules aimed at providing rules that can be adapted to many fantasy or historical settings, and do not contain any specifically Gloranthan content though they do use the Gloranthan runes.

Get your adventurers ready for a glorious time in Griffin Mountain! Over people attended what was the largest gaming convention in the US at that time. This two-scenario book supplies fully-documented settings and complete non-player character statistics for many hours of thrills and enjoyment.

In contrast, this Games Workshop edition is firmly bound.


You must locate their lair, then, penetrate it to learn their secrets and destroy their center of power. The tribes are Beast-Riders, each riding a different species but none riding horses, which are taboo ; the Great Tribes most numerous are: William Church Luise Perenne.

The nine scenarios in the Episodes book explore some of the many exciting places within the Rubble. If you are unfamiliar with these interesting shapes and how they are used, Basic Role-Playing explains them. Though the characters may be used individually, they come formed up into squads, with designated leaders and seconds-in-command, and accompanied by 11 warhorses to speed things along.

The Story-Telling Gamewhich used coin tosses instead of dice rolls, was the only Chaosium published role-playing game that didn’t use any variant of the BRP system. Retrieved July 6, Complete statistics are provided, just roll them up and see the players try to figure out what they’re up against!

But few would ever achieve the elegant but approachable rules complexity of the original RuneQuest or instill a fervent loyalty in fans that would span decades. A key element of RuneQuest flavor is a character’s affiliation with a cult the default RuneQuest name for a religious group. There have been several editions of the game.

Dozens of additional scenarios will develop as sidelights from the nine given here or from the plentiful descriptions provided. It will be a long, dangerous, and cold trek but the rewards for success will make the trip worthwhile.

Indeed, it was clearly written on a typewriter. Runequestt the iconic RuneQuest 2nd edition rulebook back into print to kick-off the 50th Anniversary of Glorantha celebrations in This manuscript is the only known set of playtest notes in existence which were lovingly kept in a binder for the last 40 years.