23 Mar Hey all, I just handed in my notice at Primark (WOO!) and I know I’ll owe them some money for . This is taken directly from the staff handbook. 13 Jul Whilst working at Primark one of the first things I noticed was the way The staff handbook which Primark provides to it’s new starters, who by. 95 Primark reviews. Primark Employee Reviews about “staff discount” . is very basic and only really useful for booking time off or checking staff handbook.

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Pros Opportunities for overtime Actual contract not zero hour Great for a first job. If you set a good impression then you will always be expected to maintain that standard.

Flexible and good team. Original post by ROC10 Yeah, that’s probably why.

Primark “bank holidays” Reviews |

Helping the customers if they ask for help. How does your company compare? Cons Poor pay for the amount of hahdbook No staff discount. Insults were exchanged, demoralizing statements and disciplinary action over pretty much nothing. Part-time and temporary employment Replies: The managers often stood over us and encouraged us to rush which caused injuries to it’s staff, people quit due to the stress and in general it wasn’t a nice place to be.


I worked at Primark for nearly two years and I haven’t seen any opportunity to grow as a person.

My pursuit is to head off to medical school and this job had no benefits for this dream. Staff were friendly but there was a definite division between full-time and part-time staff. I loved working here!

If youre face doesnt fit forget it. Primmark just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. Alright for a teenager. I personally found Primark to be a quite stressful environment.

Original post by Boy Does anyone know if Primark allow you to request time off around christmas time, like chirstmas eve? If you put in the effort, management will trust you will jobs other than folding tshirts all afternoon.

Working at Primark: Reviews about Pay & Benefits |

Depending on your department you could have an amazing manager or an awful one. Not enough money for the work load. The management needs some work from time to time and the store needs to stable out but I believe tis only its second o third year in the states, it needs time.

Stafg may be different at your store though. Original post by ROC10 Yeah it’s 28 days. My shift over-lapped the evening shift by one hour and during this hour I noticed that it wasn’t just her who was being treated poorly, it was in fact most of the staff members.


Primark Employee Reviews about “bank holidays”

Friendly colleagues, approachable management most of the time. If you’re on a less than 20 hour contract you’re not paid sick pay, this wasn’t explained to me nor hxndbook it made clear in the staff handbook.

Primark really is a hit or miss.

Then you holiday pay would be for 8h a day. Powered in part by the Layman Stafr online trainings on all technologies by real time experts. Cons Pay not great, no staff discount. Advice to Management Treat every staff equally.

Primark Employee Reviews about “staff discount”

View your post below. Advice to Management Maybe give more guidance to staff when they first start out and clearer instructions on how to fix any mistakes made. Study tools and advice 12 tips to get top grades Interactive study planner Free learning ztaff.