Oracle Developer Questions and Answers for Oracle Forms. + Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is trigger associated with the timer? Question2: What are the trigger. 28 Jul When you call a form, Oracle Forms issues a savepoint for the called form. If the CLEAR_FORM function causes a rollback when the called form.

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How to call a form from a report?

What are the built-in used for getting cell values? To include the quetions, set console window to Null. Under the title Current Form you will get the executable file name.

The Message line displays both form and application messages. Oracle 8i Practice Tests. How do you reference a Parameter?

Returns the value of the indicated variable. Content Canvas is a base canvas and is a default canvas type. It is default value. Using transactional triggers we can answsrs or modify the default functionality of the oracle forms. You can also create more than one toolbar for the same window.


Modal windows are usually used as dialogs, and have restricted functionality compared to modelless windows. On some platforms for example operators cannot resize, scroll or iconify a modal window.

Top 13 Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers

There are three most common types of complex master-detail relationships: What is the use of it? After the query is executed but before the report is executed and the records are displayed. Tlist appears as a rectangular box that displays the list elements.

Only one window in interviee form can display the console, and you cannot chage the console assignment at runtime. Error messages can be suppressed with an On-Error Trigger. What is the different default triggers created when Master Deletes Property is set to Cascade?

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More than inteeview modelless window can be displayed at the same time, and operators can navigate among them if your application allows them to do so. Relations involve the Master-Detail relationship.

November 30, at 7: What is Flex Answer: How do you create a new session while open a new form? The returned value is in the form of a character string.


Tab canvas provides easy access to data and displays large amount of data on a single canvas and is also used to hide information. The results are generated and given in form of Reports. It is used for: Use SQL trace facility.

A static record group is not associated with a query, rather, you define its structure and row values at design time, and they remain fixed at runtime.

Stacked Canvas is displayed on top of the content canvas and is usually small in size then that of content canvas in the same window. What is a difference between Window, Canvas and View Port? There are three types of columns in the report 6i these are: