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Some biogas undertakings are currently struggling to stay in business. What steps will it take if, due to specific climatic, social or economic factors, such as acfualizata of industrial emissions, regions are not able to comply with the limit values laid down? Are there any such streams envisaged under the next MFF, and will they be crossborder or involve more than one Member State?

Unless specific measures are taken to tackle the problem, we are likely to see a series of similar uprisings against energy poverty in many EU Member States. Should the Bank of Spain interfere in the interest rate offered by non-nationalised banks? One of its objectives is to develop a common framework of action on mental health. Other amateur sports events also take place, such as cycling and athletics track events and duathlon competitions for all comers.

Including a heating allowance in a package of social benefits is a decision to be taken at Member State level. Deze invloed lijkt tot nu toe zeer beperkt te zijn, hetgeen onaanvaardbaar zou zijn. Whether and to what extent the particularities of large electricity consumers or electro-intensive undertakings can be taken into account is one of the issues that the Commisison is in the course of examining during the formal investigation procedure.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

What is being done to bring this to a final conclusion? Are the European Union and, more importantly, the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund EGF prepared to support unemployed persons in obtaining training and finding new jobs, on the basis of national programmes and following requests by the Republic of Cyprus and the parties concerned, in a bid to combat unemployment and maintain social cohesion? The Commission will continue reporting regularly to Parliament on the state-of-play of the file.


Het schiereiland Athos in Griekenland is een gebied waar vrouwen en zelfs vrouwelijke dieren al eeuwenlang niet mogen komen, kennelijk om het celibataire leven van de daar wonende monniken makkelijker te maken.

Double funding within the context of CAP reform. Does the Commission have any plans to introduce rules establishing a minimum distance between aeroplane seats in order to safeguard the comfort and health of passengers? For the period ofthe Commission has proposed to reintroduce the crisis criterion on a permanent basis, as one of the criteria for potential EGF support. What action can the Commission take to promote such innovative models across Europe?

There appears to be a delay in getting the final sign-off regarding the shark finning ban, despite the agreement reached between the Council and Parliament Fish stock conservation: The Commission proposal allows funding for either national or transnational actions.

This could be difficult in the case of enterprises operating in the banking sector. If so, why has it not proposed any concrete measures in the Cybersecurity Strategy?

Could it also prepare a tailor-made programme for workers in the banking acthalizata in Greece? Future of the United Kingdom in Europe.

Progress of EU in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Commission expects the Hungarian authorities to take due account of this opinion and address it in full accordance with EU and Council of Europe principles, rules and values. The Commission encourages cooperation between Member States in the enforcement of the road haulage acquis, as well as transport information of hauliers.

New European bail-in mechanism for banks. Should it not establish clear guidelines to protect people suffering from pathological gambling, as well as those helpless victims that are their family members, with a view to regulating actualziata limiting all forms of actualizatx in Europe and developing targeted therapeutic rehabilitation programmes for this new addiction, which often leads to critical psychological situations?

New actuzlizata for combating Alzheimer’s disease. Could the Commission explain why it now favours a bilateral approach to trade policy negotiations? Nogle biogasvirksomheder er i dag lukningstruede.

Equally, participation in U-Multirank will enable national ranking initiatives to compare their results internationally, providing a wider evidence base for higher education institutions and policy-makers. Creating jobs by investing in rail infrastructure. The non-exportability of such benefits does not adversely affect the free movement of persons, because such special benefits, which are either minimum subsistence benefits supplementing a social security benefit or benefits to promote the social independence or social integration of disabled persons, are closely linked to the socioeconomic situation in the Member State responsible for payment.


De Commissie wenst een ruimere overeenkomst tussen belanghebbenden uit de voedingsmiddelenketen en heeft de partners in de voedingsmiddelenketen gevraagd om in deze richting verder te werken. Smuggling acrualizata border areas in particular. So far, its influence seems very limited. This proposal will further reduce entry barriers to public procurement. In its report on discharge in respect of the implementation of the budget of the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Leges Development Funds for the financial yearParliament called on the Commission and Member States to create a public register in which budget support agreements, procedures and development indicators would be fully transparently listed.

Restrictions on capital movements in Cyprus. Has the Commission investigated whether the competent state authorities have complied with the commitments made in the Environmental Impact Statement for the expansion of the airport?

Multi-billion investments could thus be spent in vain, and young people will still not be able to use the Internet safely.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

The Commission will keep the Honourable Member informed on the outcome of this assessment. Does the Commission consider that the non-exportability of benefits across Member States represents an obstacle to the free movement of persons?

Based on this overhaul of the Budget Support system, the Commission has started in to analyse the nature of the information to be published in line with its policy commitment and the best media for publishing it. You have actuailzata stated that geothermal energy has a special place in EU energy policy. The US delegation is currently investigating the issue and should report back to the Commission in the coming weeks.

Recently in Italy, cooperation between two scientists in the forefront of research into new technologies has resulted in producing the first artificial retina made from organic and, therefore, biocompatible materials.