The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank used by the Imperial Guard and is one of the largest and oldest tanks used by the Imperium. These massive. Find great deals on eBay for Baneblade in Warhammer Imperial Guard Games. Shop with confidence. Buy Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Baneblade: Tanks & Artillery Kits – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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The Stormhammer is a Solar Auxilia tank for 30K. So as an alternative to a giant D-Gun they slapped a giant plasma gun instead.


If you live in the USA or overseas: The tanks find themselves in the points range, which is rather hefty. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

See all customer images. From here on in, all of my miniatures will be bought from your company. The STC data necessary to create an original Baneblade, including the many advanced systems unique to its construction, is a closely-guarded secret limited to Mars – from which most true Baneblades originate – and a few other favoured Forge Worlds. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The third gunner remotely controls these weapons from his station on the command deck, assisted by the third loader, but indeed any of the Baneblade’s many weapons can be remotely aimed and fired from this station.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Towards the rear the gangway turns into a small alcove from which the tank’s tech-adept can access the powerplant, imperia all along its length are lockers for the crew, a trio of enclosed bunk beds and the “wall of honour” where the tank’s glorious history is recorded.

What happens when orks get hold of the massive engine of armored destruction that is the Baneblade? Indeed, Imperial combat doctrine holds an honoured place for the Banesword. It has a unique rule called the “Decimator Tank Shock” which forces enemy infantry to take a test which will always have —1 to their Leadership if they are tank shocked by a Decimator. It can also carry 25 soldiers, and has enough room in the rear deck to let ten of them stand outside and fire.


This is the scene of the above mentioned boggle of ganeblade. This is to say nothing of the mighty engine itself, the living heart of the Baneblade that thrums with fury as the mechanical beast drives into battle. Unfortunately it just HAD to share the same turret mount as the Shadowsword, making it impossible for the Stormlord to turn its Vulcan Mega-Bolter around without turning the entire tank around.

It is unknown what Yarrick did with his tank. So it was figured that the tank and plasma blastgun were more precious than the limited-use ordnance that came as an impdrial extra, so the missiles were withdrawn. This page was last updated: The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank of the Astra Militarumand one of the largest and oldest imperila fighting vehicles in the service of the Imperial armed forces.

Either way; the Shadowsword has a very good chance of bringing down even the biggest of titans. The sight of a mighty Baneblade rumbling forward is a major boost for any supporting Imperial infantry’s morale, and when correctly supported, the Baneblade excels at decimating anything smaller than itself with its large array of guns while crushing the remains of its enemies under its massive tracks.

Note that you can imlerial and match as you see fit: It fills the same role as the Baneblade as a general purpose superheavy, with a gun for every target. Besides looking totally kickass, it stomps a lot of ass too. Where the Stormlord is exceptionally effective against Orks, the Banehammer is especially effective against the horrendously fast-moving Tyranid swarms and their notoriously resiliant larger bio-forms.

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A Baneblade moving ahead of a Warhound -class Titan. This combination of inspiring presence on the battlefield and tremendous capacity for destruction explains why the Baneblade is favoured as a command vehicle by regimental commanders and even members of the Imperial General Staff who decide to take to the field.

The vehicle can also be outfitted with a Searchlight and Smoke Launchers. The Baneblade then became available as a plastic kit from GW itself, along with a six-option kit for the fixed-hull variants.

: Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Baneblade: Toys & Games

The Baneblade’s tertiary weapons consist of hull-mounted twin-linked heavy bolterswhich can be fired by the driver when necessary, and two side sponsons, each one with a twin-linked heavy bolter and a lascannon. All Baneblades have the same statline: Yet, in an uncharacteristically grown-up move, the Mechanicum actually capitulated on the matter and started making Stormswords themselves, upgrading the “Hellhammer Cannons” with dedicated “Stormsword Cannons” which have much the same range and effect, but a bigger blast radius.

If only the Mechanicus had looked at the Battle Cannon, looked at the Baneblade, and scaled-down the Baneblade design and slapped on single-barrel heavy weapons instead of twin-linked and a long-barreled Battle Cannon.

It is unknown what the Iron Warriors would think of this, although they will most likely find this tank to be quite convenient in their specialty. Customers who bought this product also bought the following products: To the untrained eye the differences between the vehicles appeared superficial, but the Tech-Priests of Mars preached otherwise, furthering that many schisms that had developed between the various Forge Worlds throughout the final decades of the Great Crusade.

Boyfriend loved it but took a while to build it.