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He was chancellor of Durham University from toand he was presented with a Festschrift, Erasmk in Social Historyedited by J. The year, however, no doubt contributed to that command of foreign languages which was the envy of his colleagues. My colleague had just finished some batsillon work on its last chapter when she was taken; but, war or peace, the volume shall be out early next baaillon. Es curioso que pueda decirse esto.

Besides, there were aspects of economic life which always remained a little mysterious to her: We were to leave the Ancient World because the Cambridge Ancient History was still unfinished, and was giving more attention to economic things than its predecessors had.

And she could, I imagine, have passed easily from teaching History to teaching Batailloon. Could it be Eileen Power who wrote p. Of a different class, the three volumes of Tudor Economic Documentsedited for students with Professor Tawney, did not give her the chance of showing constructive qualities. He landed in England at the end of and in took the first step in the erasmp that was to liberate his latent talents by enrolling for a first degree at the London School of Economics.

The plan for the medieval volumes was hers, but elaborated in co-operation with the colleague at the London School, already very near to her and to become much nearer after he had left it.

Erasmo y España, estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI

His defective eyesight meant he was unfit for military service, but he was determined to join up somehow, and in the autumn of he became commandant of the first British Red Cross ambulance unit to be sent to Italy. She saw them on Factulty Erasml holding University Lectureships and eligible for Professorships; examining in the Triposes.

What was to be done? In he obtained a first in the historical tripos, and soon after he was elected a fellow of Trinity. Second, from to he was Editor-for most of the time sole Editor-of the Economic History Review.


His great-uncle was Thomas Babington Macaulay, by turns a poet, historian, colonial administrator, and British politician. His retirement from the Chair of Economic History at Cambridge was marked by the issue of a special Festschrift issue of the Economic History Review 2nd ser.

She was acquainted with problems of deferred payment but had no natural relish for them. There was an interview with the Secretary of the Historical Board, a bachelor don who saw little of women and had no feminist sympathies. Like Trevelyan, Stanley Baldwin was a Harrow School and Trinity College alumnus; like Trevelyan, he believed in the beauty and regenerative values of the countryside; and like Trevelyan, he thought that different classes of English men and women should learn again to live in peace and harmony with each other.

Fromlectureships at University College, London, the London School of Economics again, and Cambridge University followed in quick succession, and instill under 40, he was bataullon to succeed Sir John Clapham in the Chair of Economic History at Cambridge. He was, for example, the first in Britain to emphasize the economic importance of medieval population trends. Trevelyan ha de tener la historia.

abril | | Teoría de la historia | Página 13

In he withdrew his name from the final short list for the governor-generalship of Canada. Lord Grey of the Reform Bill was his last piece of partisan whiggery, and Manin and the Venetian Revolution of was his final engagement with Italian history. The lectures, like all her lectures, her talks and her after-dinner speeches, vere an immense success. Trevelyan had successfully adjusted to the changed and less propitious circumstances of the inter-war years, but he did not find the s an easy decade.

Buxton he edited a progressive journal entitled the Independent Review. Throughout erssmo long life Trevelyan drove himself exceptionally hard in pursuit of his chosen calling. Every holiday used to be on the end of a rope: His mind remained resilient, outward looking, out-going, youthful, the secret of his rapport with young scholars.

btaillon Entrance to the University of St. In this endeavour he was astonishingly successful, as the prodigious sales of his books gave him a cultural authority unrivalled among his generation of historians. He died at his home in Cambridge on 20 Julyand his ashes were scattered in the Lake District.

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We arranged everything in a few minutes. Brilliant reviewing it was. Some-but only some-of the flavour of this aspect of his scholarship is captured in the collection of his essays, Fact and Relevance: She dressed for the triumph; enjoyed it immensely; and raised espaaa level of talk and wit in that Combination Room.

A towering figure academically, he exerted his influence on colleagues and students by the force of a dynamic but benign personality. He was devoid of vanity, pretence, or pomposity, he was free of envy or small-mindedness, he was outstandingly public-spirited, and he was a generous benefactor to people and causes in which he believed.

But only in part. This more consensual approach to the national past reached a bataillonn flowering in his History of Englandthe first single-volume survey since J. The books of the next few years were lighter, not volumes for severe scholars, but possibly something better-Medieval PeopleThe Goodman of Paris This was a privileged background, in which the aristocracies of birth and talent converged, and it gave Trevelyan the social confidence and financial security to form his opinions and express his views with fearless independence.

Increasingly in his later years Postan turned to music, particularly to opera, and in music and poetry, in particular, the heritage of his native country stayed vividly alive, although he became English by adoption in personal style, and in political and social values. But his youthful ferocity gradually mellowed into a kind of noble grandeur—a greatness of character that matched the greatness of his achievement.

To get back to work. There are notices of hers years old over the imperfect memory of which one still chuckles happily. To a soul in hell btaaillon there be added a body in prison? In history, it was the social side that held her from the first, and the economic in relation but in subordination to the social.