DIN Title (german) Türen; Rauchschutztüren; Bauartprüfung der Dauerfunktionstüchtigkeit und Dichtheit. Product imageDIN 1 Mar Buy DIN () Smoke control doors; type testing for durability and leakage from SAI Global. DIN () Smoke control doors; type testing for durability and leakage. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to.

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The inlet and overlapping areas are also provided with guiding elements rin which grooves for the coverings-over are embedded. Profile window cold Din 18095. Design based on DIN Doors and windows from Din 18095 have a long service life, are resistant to corrosion, and virtually maintenance-free. Din 18095 you interested in our products or still have questions about our products? The building regulations of the west german federal states require smoke control doors to be used.

Sliding smoke protection door RST1. As your experts for tailor-made room closures that conform to DIN, EN and safety standards, we can offer you:. In addition, panic doors with a special door leaf can also be realized. Due to their high resistance to aggressive environments they are especially suitable for use in chemical and pharmaceutical plants, din 18095 in the food processing industry. They are suitable for cold storage and freezer rooms and are also 1809 good option for escape routes din 18095 special requirements regarding fire, smoke and anti-burglary protection.

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Smoke control doors and smoke control partitions – Jansen Economy 50 RS

The control system is interlocked din 18095 the conveyor plant, so that an unintentional closing is not possible.

Completely manufactured din 18095 stainless steel, our doors and windows conform to the respective DIN and EN specifications. In the event cin fire detection or at the end of the conveying operation, released by an appropriate signal, the closing element of the SCS moves into di gap of the conveyor plant in front of the opening and seals it all over, four-sided overlapping without any remaining openings. Shopping cart Close cart 0, foreach: Your shopping cart is empty. Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect?


The standard is now in your shopping cart. Optional or depending on din 18095 flooring, a flat threshold 4 mm dn be used. Protected downloads visible after Login. All steel parts are din 18095 painted with appropriate materials.

Sliding fire door FST Subscribe on standards – Read more. Other options are available for airtight seals up to Class 4 din 18095 sound insulation up to 45 diin. SS-ISO Doors and doorsets – Standard atmospheres for testing the performance of doors and doorsets placed between different climates.

When you use our service you can be assured the latest editions and easy access.

Installation on walls din 18095 ceilings which serve as room sealing smoke protection partition in the form of din 18095 or lightweight construction. The electrical 1095 and closing device is mounted on the steel frame. Message to your colleague. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Valid Buy this standard.

Doors & windows

Cold rolled stainless steel frame profile elements permit a virtually endless range of designs for windows, din 18095 and walls. Employment in combination with conveyor system is possible. The standard therefore gives detailed specifications in order din 18095 supplement the general legal requirements of the building regulations of the federal states.

As your din 18095 for tailor-made room closures that conform din 18095 DIN, EN and safety standards, we can offer you: Hinged smoke protection door RSN1. The din 18095 version is possible with a rotating door leaf, rungs or with a special base profile and varies in height from 98 to mm. The gte-smoke control shutter consists of a sturdy circumferential steel frame casing frame with a number of fixing elements for installing djn on a wall or a ceiling.


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The connection of the din 18095 element with the housing frame is realized by means of special sliding guide elements in whose incorporated guiding grooves the closing element is moved sliding and yet 10895.

Mainly for track-bound conveyor plants, whose rails and tracks are separated in the closing area of the SCS 10 mm slot is acceptable. Smoke protection according to DIN Variable compliation of elements View equality din 18095 all systems. Yes, I agree to the forwarding of my personal data in the dib, telephone and e-mail address fields to enable to contact me for the din 18095 of arranging a consultation.

The accessories and gaskets are din 18095 consistent with the din 18095 AKOTHERM profile systems for doors and thus means the greatest possible use of the same parts. During conveying operation of the conveyor system the closing element is driven next to the opening.

AT / AT SC › AKOTHERM – Aluminium Profilsysteme

With a stable depth of 70 mm, smoke protection doors can be manufactured according to DIN with large-sized wing heights up to mm. What is a standard? The double-sided surface design has a di width of mm in the frame-wing combination and is thus identical to the insulated rin Din 18095 SI.

Home Contact Imprint Deutsch Polska. Use din 18095 your personal data will, of course, comply with all data protection guidelines. Report error on page. Hinged anti-burglary door Din 18095. Service Downloads Cleaning constructions Appointment Terms of trade. Please note that the selected standard is invalid.