Using the ‘Delftse Methode’ students learn to speak, write, listen and read in Dutch. Exercises are provided with support in the native tongue, available ina large. Contact. [email protected] · · Show System Alerts · Inloggen · DM – Delftse methode Demo’s Demo’s bij de Delftse Methode. DM – Delftse methode Woordenlijsten. Functies beginnen hier. Delftse methode · Demo’s · Instructievideo’s · Woordenlijsten · Toetsen · Taalaanbieders · Contact.

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During the introductory meeting you will be told how to work with the “Delftse methode” and how to prepare for your lessons. I am a native English speaker and I dekftse this method to be really hard to learn with. You can record your repetitions with the microphone to compare them but I have yet to try that.

Het Groene Boek

You are exactly right – unless I take the Greone boek every where I go, I don’t feel as if I have a chance of really understanding the language. They also practise their listening skills by means of listening exercises. The Delft method is known for its natural teaching style, with grammar only implicitly addressed in the texts. If so, you can see the available dates and register online.

You’re given an unlimited amount of times to get the correct answer but it’ll only give you the choice have them tell you the right answer if one word in the sentence is wrong. Participating in this course demands self-discipline and methodf.

Also I look at language a lot differently now that I am delftsd than when I was young. My experience is also that each learning opportunity gives you something only if you make something out of it. There is one lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon, for one hour.

The listening training section is essentially a dictation exercise. Dutch courses Menu sluiten.

If you are interested you can find her at http: Try some of Jokes lessons in the audio area as they are brilliant. De Delftse grammatica is suitable for students of various educational backgrounds.


Sign up and we will keep you posted! With regards to understanding what other people are saying, I feel it has been good for that, and I feel happy enough to sit and listen to Dutch people. Hence, I am going to analize the chapters by identifying for each one new vocabularygrammar adverbs, prepositions, pronouns and conjuctions and everyday life useful espressions. After me completing the beginners course I could actually start to speak Dutch The Delftse Methode doesn’t teach you how to construct a sentence at all and what good is knowing all these words in their various forms if you don’t know how to properly apply them into use.

I think I’m going to attempt to do two lessons a day which should get me through the book or rather, the app by the end of the month. Besides, some lessons we only got the chance to listen to the teacher who was quite keen on telling their own story Het Groene Boek Nederlands voor buitenlanders – 3rd Edition.

Beginners intensive

It’s a bargain at You can find the answers at the back of the book. For a number of years I did beginner classes as it was so hard to get any higher in the area where I lived in the Uk so in the end just gave up. Repeat the process but this time there are no pauses. I want to learn. My experience is that no single method is ideal and that one method works better for one person the other for the other.

If you make a mistake, you will see the wrong word in a different color. The second section asks you to listen to the entire text, presumably while reading it as well.

De Delftse grammatica can teach Dutch grammar to anyone! I will coniugate the verbs and I will use the grammar learned for developing small exercices. At the end of the first week of the course your teacher will evaluate your course results and will decide whether you can continue the course or not.


You listen to the entire text line by line it’s the same text from the previous section and are asked to type out the sentences, line by line. She had moved from Spain to Gent to live with her then boyfriend and I think she may have also wanted to take some university courses.

The student then practices using these grammatical patterns in a variety of exercises. For more information about payment please, click here.

Here you will find an exercice. Home Board index Language Programs and Resources Delftse methode All about language programs, courses, websites and other learning resources. You hear the 10 sentences through once and then are given X amount of time to write them. You can click on individual lines, but I think the goal is to listen to it uninterrupted.

NT2 online – DM – Delftse methode – Demo’s

The lessons take place four days a week, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. My bluetooth keyboard that I had for my iPad broke earlier this year so I thought this would be a pain but it’s actually not that bad. If a real life situation doesn’t go exactly like the conversations go in the book then your at a delftsr loss. It would probably be useful to use the book with or without the workbook with a grammar workbook as well.

The course duration is five weeks. The texts offer the participants knowledge and insight into important topics and current issues in Dutch society. This is merhode the section of the lesson where you can tap on words to see their definition and hear the pronunciation.