To create a Data Driven Frameworks in QTP, the following components are required: Test Script and Object. 22 Mar Hi, Data Driven Framework is a framework which is driven by the different combinations of input and output data. Do the following steps to implement data driven. QTP Frameworks – Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and associated Keyword-Driven Framework; Data-Driven Framework; Hybrid Framework.

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In most of the applications that you would be automating, you would be taking data from excel only.

How Data Driven Testing Works (Examples of QTP and Selenium) — Software Testing Help

Advantages The time taken to run the test designed with a hybrid framework is relatively less compared to other frameworks This can be used when we need all the test cases and inputs that are associated famework a particular test case, in the same test suite.

This is peramterizaing 15 Nita Swati Vijay I have a similar question but I do not find the code for it, how to implement fetching of data from the external source not the data table in QTP and to use each set of data in that external data source for e.

In my drvien, data driven framework in qtp one framework works effectively for a certain project. The functions that are created for different test cases are saved in a function library and are associated with the main test. Let us now add more rows to the data data driven framework in qtp to run the code for all these data. In this example, we will use descriptive programming approach without adding any objects to the Object Repository.


Some features of Keyword Driven Test Automation are:. After you run this code, you will get the same result i. To retrieve data from the data table, we have used DataTable. If we have to create these 3 user IDs with the data in the sheets, we need to have 3 iterations.

QTP Tutorial #18 – Data Driven and Hybrid Frameworks Explained with QTP Examples

The Data-Driven Framework can also be developed by writing descriptive programming. To fetch the data driven framework in qtp from the DataTable, we drien use DataTable. Excel files are the ones that get used most often.

You can add your responses to the above questions in the comments section. In the example earlier, we hardcoded the first name, last name, user id details etc.

Here, you can save all your data in QTP data table and write the script which will extract data from the data table. Also, we will provide multiple rows of data in the data table and instruct QTP to run the test script for all the rows in the data table.

Please refer to it and let me know if you need more info. Thanks a Ton for this Valuable and easily understandable information…. Correct me if I am wrong. Consider a scenario where you have a large number of user credentials for an application.


In simple terms, all you have to do is to just separate your code and data. Thanks in advance Vikas. On that page we have to enter Emp. Thanks 12 Prabhat Excellent, very nice explaination 13 GB 1. Now we have run the code with a single row of data. Abhinov, I have not worked data driven framework in qtp the solutions yet. We did achieve modularity, readability and reusability through this method but we needed to make the program even more robust so that it can take different sets of values without having to modify the script itself.

Enter your drive id to get updates in your inbox. To know more about Parameterization, please visit here. So it is really up to the comfort level of the tester framfwork choose either of these framewprk. Notice atp the column headers are displayed as A, B, C, D and so on. Very very informative and easy to understand. QTP supports a wide variety of Data Sources from where you can extract data for your test scripts. In the first method, 5 iterations were data driven framework in qtp and so test results shows results iteration wise.

My project requirement is on multiple Signin and Signout’s, where in the log-in person performs some action to take the “job” posted to the final level.