Przypomnijmy: ś.p. dr Dariusz Ratajczak był wykładowcą na opublikował pamflet popularnonaukowy zatytułowany “Tematy Niebezpieczne”. Skandal roku: dr Dariusz Ratajczak i Tematy niebezpieczne. Front Cover. Dariusz Ratajczak. Infopress, – pages. The state-run University of Opole announced in early April that Dariusz into the publication of his book Tematy niebezpieczne (“Dangerous Themes”).

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Dariusz Ratajczak – Wikipedia

Noting that only copies of this self-published book had been issued, the ttematy declared that it had caused only “negligible harm to society. In April the University of Opele announced Ratajczak’s dismissal from his teaching post for having violated ethical standards, and banned him for three years from teaching at Polish universities.

Ratajczak himself remained defiant, rejecting all the charges against him. The state-run University of Opole announced in early April that Ratajczam Ratajczak, 37, had violated ethical standards and would be banned from teaching at other universities for three years. Some critics regarded the court’s dqriusz as too lenient, insisting that Ratajczak’s crime deserved imprisonment.

Another edition of “Dangerous Themes” published in merely attributed to revisionist researchers skeptical claims about Zyklon having been used to kill millions of Jews in gas chambers during World War II. The cause of death was uncertain.

It is to reach the truth. In December a court in Opole Silesia found Ratajczak guilty of spreading revisionist views on the Holocaust, but the court did not punish him, saying that the book’s limited distribution was not damaging enough to warrant punishment under a Polish law that makes it a crime to publicly deny German wartime or Communist-era crimes.


Ratajczak, who is popular with students, was suspended in April from his teaching post at the Historical Institute of the University of Opole after complaints were made temagy authorities.

From Ratajczak was working in a higher education institution in Opole, dariysz changed to University of Opoleas a history lecturer until Striving after truth, a historian should avoid like fire ‘friendly’ whispers, such as ‘any coin has two sides,’ ‘the golden mean,’ ‘make a compromise,’ etc.

Skandal roku: dr Dariusz Ratajczak i Tematy niebezpieczne – Dariusz Ratajczak – Google Books

Racist Extremism in Central and Eastern Europe. Although the cretinous Marxists are already gone, they have been adequately replaced with empty-headed, politically correct idiots, who are as numerous in Poland as in Australia.

Here are some excerpts:. The verdict was criticized by some, including former victims of Nazi crimes, as too lenient. Skip to main content. In April Ratajczak was fired from the University of Opole for ethics violations and was banned for three years from teaching at other universities.

No Punishment for Polish ‘Holocaust Denier’

A few thousand copies have been sold, Ratajczak reports. He was survived by a son and a daughter. A historian has one basic role to perform. For the current IHR catalog, with a complete listing of books and audio and video tapes, send one dollar to: It has been replaced with political raatajczak, that is, soc-liberal censorship, or, as somebody has nicely put it, a ‘tyranny of good intentions.

At no time did he ever dispute or “deny” that Jews had been killed in gas chambers. As the title of the book suggests, Ratajczak understands the dangers of challenging such prevailing taboos. Ratajczak revised his book inattributing ddariusz claims regarding Zyklon B to historical revisionists.

Ratajczak published copies of the first edition of the book at his own expense.


Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible fariusz of all important aspects of the article. It was not immediately known whether he would get his position back. Ratajczak published copies of the book in March at his own expense. He appealed for an outright acquittal.

After all, truth must have not only an individual dimension, but also a social one. Critics charged that Ratajczak’s book represented the first serious case of “Holocaust denial” in Poland. He was 47 years old.

Dariusz Ratajczak

At his trial in mid-November, Ratajczak said that in his book he had merely summarized arguments of revisionist scholars who dispute Holocaust claims, and that views presented in his book do rwtajczak necessarily reflect his own. Finally, it is they who decide which fact or historical figure to make prominent, and about which to keep silent to the death.

Eventually after a series of appeals the verdict was upheld, while the case was dismissed in Here are some excerpts: Ratajczak, who is popular with students, was suspended in April from his teaching post with the university’s Historical Institute after state prosecutors opened an investigation into the publication of his book Tematy niebezpieczne “Dangerous Themes”.

It is they, those good-for-nothing historians, who finish off history, which in their version ceases to be the carrier of truth, the mistress of life, the reason for national pride.