If there ever was a hopeless case, it was that of Gottliebin Dittus, whose story this book tells. Because of a youthful involvement with magic, she became. Blumhardt’s Battle- Pt 1. Introduction The following is an edited version of Blumhardt’s Battle, published and copyrighted by Thomas E. Lowe. The Blumhardts became popular among some European theologians of what I was powerfully impacted by Blumhardt’s Battle in the s.

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I fasted, but found circumstances worse than ever on that day. Furthermore, since they are not founded on the Bible, they do not deserve further attention.

Johann Blumhardt – Wikipedia

She herself was completely covered with blood so that one could hardly recognize her clothing. My wife can entrust her by all means with everything in the housekeeping department, small and big things, and can leave her in charge of it if circumstances so require.

She blkmhardts incessant attempts to tear up her womb with her own hands, as she said, or looked around cunningly as if she wanted to do something horrible to those who held her. Then she would begin to feel the thing start moving or turning, trying to find an exit.

Though I blumhardrs been a student of historical exorcisms previous to receiving this book about an unknown man of a previous century, it was plain, upon reading this book, that this was no ordinary case of demon possession.

The drought of the year and the excess of rain of the year were mentioned by the demons. In the coastal areas at the foot of the mountains she saw that cities and villages were overthrown and the dust rose up high. With the view in mind of solving this seeming mystery at least somewhat, I will tell what follows out bbattle the former history of Gottliebin as I heard it from her own mouth, slowly and incoherently; I might say, by chance.

Blumhaddts surely those would the least — I am honest enough to write down such statements, too — who would accuse me of proud self-glorification.

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But I had to think with horror of what would become of the person if I withdrew my hand from her and how much I, if things went wrong, would stand accused before battoe as the cause of it all. The revival was also characterized by such a large number of miraculous healings of physical ailments that Pastor Blumhardt was asked by his Lutheran denomination to refrain from praying for the sick, because the physicians of the region complained that their practices were being hurt by the dearth of patients coming to them.

Only a few times afterwards did she still see figures as if trying to fall upon her. Then I began to pray seriously, while the thunder rolled outside.

Lowe for allowing me to edit the manuscript and distribute it in the following form. She made a noose which easily pulled tight. Strange to say, the noise was strongest during the night we visited there. At the back part of her head something turned and worked itself down and finally batte bent board nail came out.

Finally, fearing such a great tumult, I decided to make nightly investigations in the house.

The Narrow Path Ministries

Those were steel needles which then slowly eased their war towards the throat and came out at the mouth. The attempts of such demons to speak German, especially when they circumscribed concepts whose German meaning they seemed not to know, were peculiar and sometimes comical.

I left these things undecided as to how far I had to take them as true and was just happy to get rid of them. Marriages were said to be saved and enemies reconciled amidst an outpouring of evangelistic zeal. She had nearly forced her whole head into the noose, when a second flash of lightning caught her eye through the window. Barth, now living in Calw, brought a good Christian foundation into her heart. These iron needles could be bent blumbardts finally, bent three or four times but whole, found their way out of the mouth.

Johann Blumhardt

Sometimes they came out crooked, sometimes straight, in the latter case especially out of her pericardium. This adder caused her a wound on her neck soon after it had come out of her mouth, and at another time it stung her so violently on her foot while she was sitting at the table with the family, that the bleeding nearly did not stop. But the writing could not be read because of the soot smeared on it, Next to it, they found three crown thalers and a number of smaller coins, each one wrapped in paper by itself and smeared with soot.


She worked as a servant in several places and is remembered to this day with high esteem in the houses she served, because of her proved faithfulness. I would have liked to have had more spectators for these scenes which occurred often. But since those last days of battle 25th and 26th of July it had started again. All she could do was to get up the stairs to the chamber in the attic where she slept at that time.

But neither can I say that the effect was so strong that it would prove the statements of Gottliebin. Therefore, I stayed away rather than to expose myself to a lot of embarrassments. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Jesus said, “I in them and you in Me, that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that you have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

This extraordinary narrative—a compelling, true, vividly detailed account of the means by which a Lutheran minister delivered a young woman from demon possession—delineates the reality and powers of these unseen beings.

But they were days the like of which I hope never to live through again. That writing seemed to be a prescription, possibly of magic.