In Detail Blender is an open source 3D graphics application that can be used for modeling, rigging, animating, rendering and thousands of other things. Cookbook Blender users who already know the basics of adding, modeling and rendering objects within the program, but are eager to learn how to turn a. 28 Sep Review of Blender Character Animation Cookbook, a collection of 50 great recipes for giving soul to your characters by building high-quality.

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Each recipe covers a logical step of the complete belnder of a character rig and animation, so you’re not overwhelmed with too much information at once. Overall, I think the animwtion is great and I definitely recommend it.

A few months ago, I reviewed the Blender 2. The book offers clear step-by-step tutorials, with detailed explanations, screenshots and support files to help you understand the principles behind each topic.

Chapter 8, The Mechanics of Body Movement uses a tennis serve as an example.

This book offers clear, illustrative, and easy-to-follow recipes to create character rigs and animations for common situations. Some chapters need a bit more clarification, especially the middle chapters that focus charactwr complex subjects like non-linear animation and the breaking of symmetry.

Officially, the book is a collection of 50 great recipes for giving soul to your characters by building high-quality rigs and understanding the principles of movement. Title added to cart.


If you are already somewhat skilled with Blender, you will find the flow of topics logical and convenient and will be able to follow them with cookboo, difficulty. Once again, there’s a very important emphasis on constraints and how the body behaves in general. Take your skills to the next level with advanced tutorials that will give you confidence to master the tool’s most powerful features.

The topics are divided by region of body and then additional, specific topics for further clarity. His specialties include character rigging and animation, and his first tryst with Blender was back in It’s interesting and compelling. Packt Hub Technology news, analysis, and tutorials from Packt.

Now you can get everything on Safari. Chapter 4 is all about facial expressions. Finally, there’s a section on refinement using AniSculpt, which is somewhat like working with clay. All of the work is done using built-in tools, without scripting. Luckily, there are a plenty of books that can help you around.

What do I get with an eBook?

Blender Character Animation Cookbook – Source Files

I will repeat it again, you must be a very skilled artist to use the Animation Cookbook, even if you’re blindly following the instructions.

You can – and you should – also download the complementary MB of reference work, which includes all of the models and projects discussed in the book. The format allows you to walk away without having to worry about being halfway cpokbook a project when you need to take a break.

I must admit I did feel a bit lost after reading it. Are you sure you want to claim this product using a token? No need to flip back a couple pages to remind yourself what you were doing.


This book review was requested by Packt Publishing. You will find it much easier to follow the contents as well as practice the listed examples with the aid of the Blender files. But it’s extremely non-trivial, including a supposedly simple bouncing ball examples, which also demands a good understanding of physics. Otto is the character you get to play with throughout the book. All rigging tasks are accomplished with the built-in tools in Blender, without the complexity of coding custom Python behaviors or user interface elements.

The Mechanics of Body Movement. This kind of detail is truly bkender and can make a person waver at this stage. After learning how dookbook rig everything, you move on blsnder actually using the rig and other tactics to animate Otto.

There are also numerous examples and screenshots, logically separated xookbook tasks. There are reminders for the keyboard commands, but I really think you need to understand the basics on how Blender works, how to use it, and where things are.

All combined, the requirement blfnder imagination and the human bone structure knowledge is simply daunting. The one big problem with the book is that emanates false easiness, because there’s nothing easy about being a master artist.

Furthermore, we learn about cycled animations, which can be used for repetitive actions like running.