Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 11L at Engineering A 6-page educational info-graphic summarizing the most important principles underlying successful Rod Pumping Operation. Topics include: Downhole Pump . API RP 11L Recommended Practice for Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems (conventional Units). Front Cover. American Petroleum Institute.

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In a group of users and manufacturers api rp 11l sucker rod pumping equipment undertook a study in depth of the many complex problems associated with this means api rp 11l lifting fluid from a well. G4 G4 G4 1. However,sincethismethod is basedonthebest coninterpretations of averagevalues,theactual ditionsfoundinindividualcasesmaynotalways yield valid predictions of pumping system performance.

The calculated pump displacement and loads are compared with the volumes, load ratings, stresof thepreliminary ses,andotherlimitations selection. A mathematical evaluation of sucker-rod pumping, forpracticalpurposes,revolvesaround the development of equations to express the motion and the state of stress of sucker rods.

If the pai displacement calknown or anticiculated in step 14 zpi to satisfy patedrequirements,appropriateadjustmentsmust be made in the assumed data and steps 1 through 14 repeated. One note of caution in using the new design technique should api rp 11l pointed out.

Society of Petroleum Engineers Disciplines 3. Also, the assumption is made that no friction occurs in the stuffing box or in the pump itself. Pumping unit motion was assumed based on a medium slip motor.

API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system – PDF Free Download

Schropp by plotting the of Phillips Petroleum Company families of curves shown in Fig. Laine Texas Qpi and M U. Thecriteriagenerallyusedforthedesign of sucker rod installationsarebasedongreatly oveximplifled concepts of pumpingsystemmechanics.


Thus, fortaperedstrings, Fc intaperedrod greaterthanunity. When the calculated pump displacement is acceptable, proceed with the Design Calculation. If the tubing is unanchored, then a correction must be made for the shortening of pump stroke whichwilloccur. The boundary condition which api rp 11l a;i behavior of the downholepumppresentsparticular difficulties, and investigators in the past have made its regard.

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With this value, the 11k pumping speed c a n 111l calculated by: Fz is the dynamic effects during the down stroke taken away from the load on the polished rod. Identify unmet needs and discover next-generation technologies Improve quality by leveraging consistent standards to meet api rp 11l and market requirements Minimize risk: Summary This paper presents a method for using the API recommended practice for thedesign of sucker-rod pumping systems with fiberglass practice for the design ofsucker-rod pumping systems with aapi composite rod strings.

About us Contact us Help Terms of use. The bar notations in the margins are provided as an aid to users to identify those parts of this publication that have been changed from the previous edition, but API makes no warrantyas to the accuracy of such bar notations.

In addition, and ,which appear on Lines 9 and 16, must be defined by equations other than thoseshown on the form. F1 is the fluidload plusthe maximum dynamic effect on the up stroke.

For untapered rod strings,it is evaluated by the relation: Proceedings of an International Conference Xpi Technology: This value is identified with the symbol Sp. Pumping System Performance Improvement. The operating characteristics of the preliminary selection are calculated by use of the formulas, tables, and figures presented herein.


Record Non-Dimensional Factors from Figures4. Users of this publication should become completely familiar with its scope and content. Atvery low speedswhere static conditions are approached, the dimensionless rod stretch and pump atroke are related as follows: R; simplifications in the mathematical model of suckerrodpumpingcan be groupedinto two broadcategories: Jennings Texas A and M U.

Althoughthisassumption matically convenient, it destroys the analogy between the mathematicalmodel theactualsuckerrodand used to represent the sucker rod. All API stroke lengths are covered. This publication is intended to supplement rather than replace individual engineering judgment.

It is believed, however, that the values for maximum and minimum loads and for pump stroke will be reasonably good.

All API stroke lengths aile covered. Thecriteriagenerallyusedforthedesign of sucker rod installationsarebasedongreatly oveximplifled concepts of pumpingsystemmechanics. Note that this equation calculates the pseudosonic velocity of the ithtaper,when and are used.

The MRI method is limited to rodstrings constructed entirely of steel. Use the value of from Eq. Et represents the inches of elongation caused by application of a load of one pound t o a section of tubing one foot in length.