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Login Sign Up Forgot Password. Drug manufacture Drug delivery, release and action Pharmacy know how.

The module assesses, without bias, how efficiently a candidate can work akcat excel instead of how well he knows or remembers excel. Periodic table and periodic properties s, p and d-block elements Coordination compounds.

AMCAT Sample Papers, AMCAT Model Question Papers & Online Tests

Analog electronics Digital electronics Microprocessor and microcontroller. Customer Service Situational Judgment Test.

Remedial Testing Know where you stand and what next to do to succeed. Subscribe to Unlock Test Prep Material. Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory is based on the five-factor model of Personality.

AMCAT Online Tests

OR Signup Via Facebook. The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Choose the topic of your chat. The module assesses MBA students on their understanding of basic concepts involved in Operations Management, laying greater emphasis on the practical aspects of operations. The module tests the students on the basics of Hospitality Industry, various functions of a front office ranging from various stages of the guest cycle to the knowledge of evaluating hotels performance.


The module assesses both the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the candidate across various topics like polymer chemistry, processing, testing, etc. Quality management Production planning and inventory control Management information system.

The module focuses on testing the student on understanding of all basic concepts of food production along with situational based questions to check application and practical nuances. The tezt focuses to assess the candidates knowledge in basics of operating system and computer architecture, computer networks and database concepts. The module focuses on assessing a student on tdst and practical aspects of design and development of new drugs for clinical purposes, different sources, working and formulation of medicines and its analysis.

Logarithms Permutation and Combinations Probability. Basic programming Control Structures Conditional statements Linear data structures Advanced data structures Sorting and searching algorithms. The module assesses the candidates on the various laws, theories and principles governing the various physical phenomena in chemistry.

AMCAT tests students from different fields in various domains with the help of an in-depth micro analysis in each paperss. Organization chart Routine systems and records Planning and organizing Store and control desk.

The module focuses on testing students understanding of the theoretical differences between the various types of amvat along with its practical aspects. Non ferrous materials Phase transformation and heat treatment Material testing and characterization.

Sign Up via Facebook. This module evaluates the candidates on their knowledge and understanding aamcat the subject of Telecommunication and its applications. Please enter your email address. The module focuses on testing a student on general principles of mechanics and construction, and requires the candidates to apply these principles in practical based problems.


Face to face Telephonic. The module tests candidates on the basics of Hospitality Industry, various functions of housekeeping ranging from basic cleaning procedures to its peripheral activities.

Syllabus and Sample Papers

Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test AMCAT is conducted to evaluate communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job specific domain skills of job applicants. Product design and development Work system design Facility design. Papets module is ideal to evaluate entry level talents exposure and expertise in Computer Programming. Sign Up via Google. Polymers and composites Computer integrated manufacturing. Introduction to components of surface coatings Organic, inorganic pigments, extenders, dyestuff, natural resins and polymers Synthetic resins and polymers.

Annual Buy Now. The module focuses on testing a student on principles of chemistry, physics and material science in practical and industrial based problems. Call us directly at Rule Based Selection and Locating Information. A serious practice of these testt will give students a thorough exposure to all relevant question types and topic areas.

Industrial tewt Group behavior Organizational structure and design.

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Please select the category. Synthesis and properties Polymer processing Polymer theology. The module is ideal to evaluate the numerical ability of an individual and is available in both technical and non technical flavor. Basic electrical a,cat Electrical machines Power machines. Capacity, Resource and Layout planning Process selection and Project planning.

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