Dhamma Talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso. Stream or Download. 31 Inspiring Talks. Anger & Forgiveness, (Download MP3), 18MB. Contentment. With gentle humor and inspiring stories, Ajahn Brahm shared his profound insights about practice and how to live one’s life with respect, love and compassion. The latest Tweets from Ajahn Brahm Talks (@BrahmTalks). Buddhist talks and news from Spiritual Director of Buddhist Society of Western Australia and abbot.

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Then when they try to add a fifth storey it all comes tumbling down.

Lastly, in part one, I described at length the practice which leads to what Nrahm call the first stage of this meditation, and that first stage is attained when the meditator comfortably abides in the present moment for long, unbroken periods of time. You can bury it, just as you bury a person who has died.

He was amazed at how wonderful is this mind and how it can produce such unexpected results. Dhamma Talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso.

Archived from the original on 28 July So may violence and mistrust disappear and kindness and love and helping one another prevail. Tales of a Forest Monk. It was a very wonderful society and inculcated many values in me.

The mind experiences a deepening of contentment. So the requisite of lodgings is primary. You ajahj experiencing only beauty, with nothing being beautiful, continuously, effortlessly. Ajahn Brahm talks about the importance of keeping our integrity and values throughout brhm lives and how we can energise our commitment to these ideals.


They all experience the same pure mental object and these different details are added by their different perceptions.

Listen to Venerable Ajahn Brahm | Listen to Ajahn Brahm’s New Talks

This was a smile without any lips to do the smiling, but a visible smile nevertheless. The reality of now is magnificent and awesome. In meditation one lets go of the complex world outside in order to reach the serene world inside. Back from a Week in Melbourne Ajahn Brahm talks about the art of communication.

The goal of this meditation is the beautiful silence, stillness and clarity of mind.

Ajahn Brahm

You have let go of the first burden, which stops deep meditation. One simply has not experienced anything like it before. The Inner Silence becomes what the mind inclines towards. It can be so strange, even weird, completely beyond whatever you expect. The Buddha and Science. The mind recognizes this beautiful breath and delights in it. So put forth a lot of effort to reach this first stage until it is strong, bramh and well bram. It is achieved when one lets go of the body, thought, and the five senses including the awareness of the breath so completely that only the beautiful nimitta remains.

This is, in fact, one and the same experience perceived from different perspectives.

Sun Solving difficulties and problems in Meditation. Today he gives his whole hearted attention to Cats. With no preparation they find breath meditation so difficult, even impossible, and give up in frustration. Infact our charactersbehaviour, likes and dislikes are not coming from our parents or induced by our society and environment. That bliss will develop, grow, become very firm and strong.


I have a sense of responsibility to the place of my birth. It just sinks into the padding and stops right there. If it is a Jhana it will last a long time. However, if your mind has been well prepared by completing these first two stages then you will find when you turn to the breath, you can sustain your attention on it with ease. Remember, and this is important, Jhanas are states of letting go, incredibly deep states of contentment. He could sit for long periods with no pain at all!

The more likely obstacle, though, is fear. The main reason why the nimitta can appear dull is that the depth of contentment is too shallow. You may assess everything once the journey is over. Usually, you are wanting the bright nimitta or you are wanting Jhana. As it were, Yalks dances around Jhana and Jhana dances around Insight.